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LSC provide end-to-end resource solutions to Life Science projects

Our clients choose us because they know we understand the specific demands of their business and can offer them a scalable team of professionals to work across every aspect of the Life Science sector.

Our end-to-end process means we work with clients from start to finish, from selecting the right people through to project completion. And because we specialise only in Life Sciences we offer on-going advice and insight to help projects deliver optimum results and performance.

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Why clients choose LSC?

  • A team of world class consultants across all Life Science disciplines
  • An in-depth understanding of project requirements from LSC industry experts
  • One-on-one advice on project resourcing set-up and delivery
  • A scalable, quickly deployable project team who are results driven and performance led
  • Best practice thinking and project optimization led by the LSC team
  • On-going presence, accountability and responsibility provided by the LSC client support team
  • Compliance with both industry and corporate guidelines across all projects
  • Bi-annual reviews to ensure alignment, knowledge sharing and KPI’s delivered
  • Building teams around project requirements
Orna Fogarty speaking at a meeting on LSC client and candidate feedback

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